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We add photos to our facebook page most weekends, take a look

We have space for players to play on this Saturday - please phone to book in if you want to play on 01840 211 460



We now have 11 game zones in total, due to cover and tree growth they play differently throughout the year, Some games are played over 2 or more game zones and because of the range on our Laser guns (up to 400 meters) we can play some games over the entire site!!!!!

1. Haystack's Run - Hay bales and dump truck tyres give cover for fast action games.
2. Rebel Border - Two Forts, one on each side of a heavily defended border. (Viewing area for "brave" dead players)
3. The Marsh - Reeds and bushes are cover for attacking players, if you want to win, you may need to get wet feet
4. Sniper Alley- Mini huts and trees, you must keep moving or you'll get pinned down.
5. Crossfire Corner - Woodland, open area, huts and a Church, but for a tactical advantage you must control the ditch
6. Fortress - Looks heavily defended from the front so you will have to go around the pond
7. Bridge Assault - There's more than one way to cross the ravine, but you must take the bridge
8. Tower Zone - Fast, action packed games around the tower theme
9. The Jungle - The cover is really thick during the Summer months - just like the JUNGLE, also now added a tower to this zone too and a downed chopper
10. The Castle - This thing is huge and has 7 rooms and is 20 feet high, check out the movie on youtube and more photos coming soon, also to be added is a moat and possibly a draw bridge
11. NEW for 2018 - The Maze - 3m high, 70m long, 50m wide, probably the biggest permanent maze in Cornwall, WOW. Laser tag only for now but paintball games in the maze will be epic.
NEW - Not a new game zone but a brand new bridge over the stream between "Haystacks run" and "Sniper Alley" - This bridge has opened up the possibility of dozens of new games and we are having great fun sneaking round the back

Big Dunks Paintball Cornwall map


We add new games all the time and sometimes make them up on the day, we have 2, 3 ,and even 4 team games. After the first couple of games we then choose a game to suit your groups style of play

We have over 100 individual games we play but here are a few of our favorites

Capture the flag - Traditional paintball game
Retrieve the reactor - Bravery/stupidity required here
Storm the fort - Deliver a "bomb" but be quick there is a time limit
Return from behind enemy lines - This one is great and can be used as a STAG game too
Bridge assault - Two teams one bridge, capture and hold for 10 mins
Firing Squad - Not a game but if you break the rules you face it
Castle hold - You and a few select mates start in a huge 7 room castle but there are lots of other players that want it, can you keep them out!!!
VIP - Protect your VIP, everyone else is trying to take them out, you have to escort the VIP to a safe house but will you make it in time???

The Gauntlet - By special request only. The victim runs the gauntlet and finds out how many friends they have, usually STAGS ONLY but anyone can volunteer

7 Room Castle - Click here to see movie


Big Dunk's 1st Big Game Report

Absolutely great afternoon, I've got the bruises to prove it.
Great organisation - lot of thought gone into 'The Big Game' & definitely should be repeated.
Having played paintball a few times before this is without doubt THE BEST. Thanks to you & your team I certainly slept well last night....! Regards,Colin (Red unit)

The Big Game was awesome & as it was my 1st time of paintball I really enjoyed it. I'm still counting the bruises but hopefully some of the other team will have received more bruises than me - I know I hit a few.
I'm trying to get dad to bring me back in December for my 13th birthday - I know he enjoyed it so may see you then! Alfie (Red unit)


The weather looked like rain but with only a light shower which was just enough to keep the players from overheating we carried on, the first two objectives were delivered at the start of the game 1400, along with a bomb set to detonate at 1525. More Intel was required and this would be given to the two units and various points during the Big Game via the two antenna each team had located at their HCC, the prime objective was to protect these antenna, both red and blue units were keen to get started and made plans to destroy each others antenna, soon another objective was received and with full Intel both teams headed for the old church to recover a canister. With carnage respawns things soon warmed up and a few "comfort breaks" were needed, but not for long as the blue unit closed in on the red's HCC red operatives maybe committed too many to the church and one red antenna was destroyed, shortly after recovering the canister the red's lost the second antenna and any further Intel would be limited. At 1500 the target location for the bomb was given and even though the reds had no idea of the target they sent a team to deliver the bomb to the blue HCC and under some great smoke cover and some well committed covering fire the blue antenna both were destroyed and a red operative actually made it into the blue's HCC. When the final objective to recover a radioactive box was delivered neither unit had enough Intel to pinpoint the location but after some espionage and loose talk in the safe area both teams set off to the Jungle, 2 red operatives found the box but before they could work out how to recover it were taken out by a opportunist blue who then took the box on one shoulder and headed for home, with some help from his team the box was return safely, however with only 10 mins to go the whole blue unit was pinned back as the relentless red's gave it everything they had but to no avail and the blues held on for ultimate victory. Many thanks to all who took part in the first "Big Game" all agreed that they would be back for "The Big Game part 2" watch this space!!!!

MARK'S BIG GAME REPORT - Me and a mate signed up for the Big Game very exited about the prospect of a continuous, flowing battle with real tactics and progressive orders. We were not disapointed. The big game was an intense and thrilling experience that I would do again and again, and I intend to. It was nothing like any paintball game I've ever played, and I have been to my fair share of games. A highlight for me was in the middle of the session, when the two teams where in a stalemate fighting over a hedge and ditches. We had just repelled a major assault against our HCC and things were still looking bad. So, alone, I found an unused dirt path that lead me straight to the enemy's flank. I dispatched one enemy soldier by gunshot and crept up behind the remaining two. I put my left hand on one's shoulder and my gun poked the other in the back. "So." I said, "you guys surrender then?" The one who's shoulder i held then turned to me. "Please don't tell me your a bad guy." "yep" I replied, and with that I beckoned the rest of my team over to continue our assault, in which we destroyed the enemies Intel.

ANDREW'S BIG GAME REPORT - I booked in four people and met up with a mate. Me, my two brothers and two mates had a blast, my brother has been paintballing round half a dozen times and he said that this was the best ever, the big game i thought was much better than separate missions. Starting off the round i used up all my free paintballs being the closest one to the enemy, silly thing to do to run and be the front man, after 250 paintballs in half an hour i decided to be a little more sneaky. One probem we faced was three enemies in the fort just kept killing us, we had 7 people trying to clear them out as fast as possible. After one enemy ran out of ammo, 3 of us, me my bro and mate cleared out the other two enemies with a little difficulty harced to surrender went back for another go overwhelming the last one. Cant wait for word to get around and for another to be hosted. thanks a lot

JOSH'S BIG GAME REPORT - We drove down the long country lanes all looking forward to some paintball action. We got there and were met by big dunk himself who took us to a big camouflaged room. In there we waited till all the other players arrived, the suspense was getting to all the players that hadn't been here before. Big dunk got us all to sign some safety sheets before handing out the overalls, masks and hoods. By the time we had all got the equipment on everybody in the room was buzzing, we all knew we would have an amazing 2 hours ahead of us. As we wondered down the big field to the 'safety zone' all we saw was big bales and lots of wooden pallets. Big dunk then gave us the safety briefing before he handed out the guns. These guns were all powerful we got a couple of shots on the target range before the teams were decided. Once the teams had been decided and everyone had practiced we headed out towards our starting area.

Big Dunk took the blue team and another member of staff took the red team. We got told the team objective and sorted out a game plan when over the radio came 3-2-1 GO that's when it started running like hell to get into cover paintballs flying every where some people tripping up and some getting shot. We ran and ran until we arrived at a big castle we ran inside a managed to get a good spot for sniping. The opponents sussed out where we were and shot at the castle the bullets hitting the castle made one hell of a noise but none of us got hit. One member of our team came running in and told us all a new objective, we had to get a supply drop from a near by building which they called the church. The only problem was the fact that the opposition had control of the church. The only way we could do it was by getting one off the adults to throw a smoke grenade into the church and flush them out, this worked to our advantage. The enemy were running out of the church to see but they ran straight into us were we shot them to bits. There was 1 more minute until the drop would be made so we had to fend off the opponents. The supply drop came and we managed to get it back to our base.

The next mission came to us we had to get a bomb from our base and get it to a specific location I was told to go and hide in a hedge near the location so I could stop the enemy coming to get ride of our bomb. One man came over and well let's just say he got shot!! Sadly an enemy got me straight on the back of the head, before I knew it I was out. I ran back to base with my gun in the air so no one would shoot me. When I made it back I bought some more paintballs and went straight back in to the action but when I got back in the bomb exploded and it was not my teams bomb. They had won that challenge. So it was all to play for in the last mission.

But because are team had lost our command centre we did not get much info on the last mission all we knew was that it was in the forest so we ran in. I was with another young man about my age we ran in and got into cover by a hedge, when we heard the sound of other players I looked up and there where 5 enemy's right by us discussing what to do I got back down and said to the other guy "on the count of 3 we jump up and shoot." 1-2-3 we both jumped up and shot at least 10-15 paintball's straight at them they were all out! We got back down when another 2 members of our team came over. But them out of know where 1 enemy came up behind us and shot us all. We all went out but I realised that non of the ball had burst on impact which means in still in. but this was to late they had found the box and took it back to there base. Our only hope was to run and hopefully take it from there base but as me and a friend ran towards them they shot so many times we realised it was a bit of a bad idea.

All hope was gone the enemy had on the day, but we all had some cracking bruises to take home and show off a bit. But overall what tremendous day I had had so much fun, and I will definitely be doing it again. Josh W.Age: 13


The Big Game: You have been selected as one of the "best of the best" this is the final training exercise and your contribution to your team and individual performance in the objectives are being monitored by the commanding officers of elite special forces units. Each player will be assigned to one of the two teams, each team will have a "Safe Area" (where you can go to remove your safety mask for cleaning and to rest or buy extra paintballs during "The Big Game") and a "Home Command Center" (HCC) and this will be your start and restart point, mission objective No.1 is to remain in control of the area surrounding this command center for the duration, other mission objectives will be delivered to your teams command center during "The Big Game", the team must then decide the best strategy and execute the mission objectives, (this is done during "The Big Game" there will not be any breaks in the game it will run for 2 hours) each objective successfully completed will earn points for your team.

Example Objective A:(Note, this objective may or may not be included during "The Big Game") At 1400 hours a plane crashed 600 yards South of the tower, on board were highly sensitive electronically stored information that you must not allow to fall into enemy hands, recover the hard drive and return to HCC, we will arrange collection of the hard drive at 1530 hours

Example Objective B:(Note, this objective will be included during "The Big Game") Included with this objective is a "Bomb" and a "Target location map" The Bomb will be remote detonated from Mission Control at 1525 hours, your objective is to use the bomb to destroy the target


Terms and Conditions

1. Subject to normal terms and conditions and site rules, all players must be on site by 1pm, any players arriving after this time will not be able to play and will not be refunded any moneys paid. 2. All players must be in year 7 at school or over 12 years old. Players under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and have parental consent forms 3. Players can bring their own paintball guns, but they will be limited to semi auto and 250fps max (this is the same as our site guns) *games will be played in an area the game manager decides appropriate on the day. Players under 18 are not permitted to buy or use smoke grenades and this will be exchanged for 50 paintballs, if the weather conditions are not suitable for the use of smoke grenades then every player will be given an extra 50 paintballs in exchange for the smoke grenade, smoke grenades must not be removed from the paintball site.


All paintball players must be 12 or over

No Alcohol before or during games

Don't be late, we start on time - if you think you are going to be late phone to let us know before

Play fair, have fun and everyone gets shot