We now can offer the thrill of hunting your prey with bows and arrows, firing foam tipped arrows with up to 50m range, we offer two sizes, a 120cm bow and the larger 140cm bow. We are the first site in Cornwall to offer this activity!!

Big Dunk's Combat Archery

All players must be over 12 or in year 7 at school to play

Big Dunk's Combat archery is brand new activity and more photos and information will be here soon but we are now taking bookings to play, using specially made arrows with foam head and a range of 50m, the bows are also designed especially for these arrows and the accuracy is very good even for the beginner, you will get to fire at each other. Of course this is Big Dunk's so you won't just get told to go and shoot arrows at each other there will be other objectives and even missions.


Included are camo overalls, face mask, 120 or 140cm bow, instruction and marshaling, you will have some target practice (including possibly live targets) then 4 games in our purpose built Archery Combat Arena and then we take you out into the woods for a 4 more games to make you feel like Legolas or Katninss Everdeene. You may have to attack or defend the castle or go into stealth mode to ambush the enemy, your game marshal will organize and run the session just like we do for paintball and laser tag.




Photos above are taken on site during games!!!


Minimum numbers apply but if you are only a few players then we can join you with another group, however this may not be on your preferred day, call us to find out



Big Dunk's Combat Archery (from age 12 and over)
Target range only (no mask required, fire at our targets for around 20 mins/20 arrows)
Target range and 4 Archery Arena games
Target range, then 4 Archery Arena and 4 Woodland Archery

Corporate Packages Available - Call 01840 211 460 for more details


Full face shield safety mask with ear protection*

Combat Archery Bow

Hire of Cornwall Camouflage overalls*

Full safety instruction and rules briefing

Fully marshaled throughout

Viewing area for spectators

*not included for target range only session

Not included

Hire of armored gloves £1 (if required, we don't think you will need them for combat archery)


To Book a game please email or phone 01840 211 460 or 07830 153 420

Play Outdoor Laser Tag at Big Dunk's (Cornwall) from £10 per player All-inclusive - Click here for details


How long does a session last? - It depends on the number of players, including target range, normally 10 players would be 70 mins and 20 players will be 90 to 100 mins if you are also playing woodland archery then add 60 - 90 mins to this time

How many arrows do we get? - You get between One and Three arrows per game but you can also return fire any arrows fired at you!!!

How many team v team games do we play? In normal sessions 4 in the arena and 4 in the woods

Can we play more games than a standard session? - Yes, if you want to add more games then you can when you book at only £2 per player per game

Can we buy more games on the day? - It may be possible at the end of the session to play some extra games if we don't have another group playing, ask the session marshal on the day, it is always best to prebook extra games

We have some players who are 7 years old can they play? Sorry, currently we can only take players from 8 years old (under 8's can still play laser tag)

Does it hurt? - It does a bit, some people say it is like a tennis ball hitting you, bruises are very unlikely, the mini arrows are a very light impact

Where do we play? - Our Arena games are outside it is about 50m by 25m, woodland game areas are suited to the teams and you will be kept away from paintball players, you will probably have a couple of games in the castle

Can we buy smoke grenades? Yes, if you are over 18 then smoke can be used in Combat Archery


If you have any players in your group under 16 then consent forms will be needed - please click here to open printable forms

Terms & Conditions


We believe we offer the best value of any paintball site in Cornwall, and are the only paintball & laser tag site in Cornwall to be accredited by the UKPSF inspection. Our top priority is safety then customer satisfaction, we rely on repeat customers and have many regular players from all over Cornwall and the Newquay area.