At Big Dunk's we have been asked many times over the years to run Airsoft events and so now, after a few very successful test events we are offering a few dates open to everyone and anyone (over 13 years old)

Big Dunk's Airsoft

All players must be 13+, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult

Big Dunk's Airsoft days make use of the whole 20 acre site, including castle, maze, bridges, fortress on the hill, woodland, marsh and open field. Of course this is Big Dunk's so you won't just get told to go and shoot at each other there will be tactical objectives and we even play 2 to 3 hour missions, we don't use player marshals, all our marshals are professionally trained for airsoft events and do not carry guns.

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Our safe area has under cover and open tables for you to get all your kit sorted, we have male and female toilets and a catering trailer serving high quality food, hot & cold drinks all day. We recommend a bacon bap on arrival and a Big Dunk burger for lunch, lots of other options including jacket potato with cheese/beans, crisps, choc bars and chips


We only allow the use of Bio BB's and pyro purchased on site, all weapons must be checked prior to using on the site. Gates open at 8.30am and all players must be on site by 9.30am, if you would like to rent any kit then please call to book this in advance as only a limited number is available and if you just turn up on the day you will probably not be able to hire a weapon

Photos above are taken on site during games!!! Below is a review we received from The Bearded Ba'tards Airsoft team

Well what to say , let’s start with the reception . The welcoming party at Big Dunk’s was as we expected, very professional and friendly, We were shown to the safety area by the very professional Marshall’s . The safety area is very well arranged with plenty of tables and seating. On to the chrono, nice and quick in and out done. Moving on to the briefing it was quick and to the point.
First game as usual two quick attack and defend to let everyone warm up and dial in their guns. Just a quick note, best warm up games I have ever played ! I don’t think I have laughed so much during the warm up games as I did today.
The second game was a push and defend, played very well and although everyone was calling their hits the Marshals were all over it and constantly asking if everyone was happy and they were even tweeking the games as we were playing to keep the game flowing (how refreshing to have a marshalling team on the ball and willing to listen to the players and adjust game play on the fly, massive thumbs up to the marshalling team thank you)while playing this game one side were struggling so a team m8 changed sides to help them #airsoftfamilly #whatisexpected #airsoftmentors.
The next game we played an attack and hold on a bridge, attack place your flag and defend.Due to the ever changing respawn rules being adapted to to game zones the game play was fantastic, fun and exciting. Brilliant is how we would describe it.
We then moved on to yet another game zone and began game of attack and defend this time a large fort type structure on a hill top . Because of the ever changing game rules and respawn applications, married with the changing death rules tailored to the different game zones , we were all completely immersed .
Moving on to dinner! Very nice food ,good , cheap what more do you need ? it was his own pigs that provided the pulled pork you don’t get much fresher than that. After dinner !
The Alamo , yet another game zone , it was an attack and defend but with yet again more rule changes including death rules and spawn rules and another structure. All the rule changes really helped to keep the game play flowing and most of all FUN!
On to the final game THE CASTLE an awesome structure with lots of defence capabilities and a seemingly inpenetrable defence yet with more tweeking of rules and light hearted attitudes and constant honourable hit calling it was nothing short of brilliant!
Final thoughts !
We as a team can honestly say we had the best day of airsoft in quite some time !
Great lads ,fantastic game play and so much fun I’m sure everyone who went today left with smiles on their faces I know I did! We can’t wait for the next event!


Gate opens at 8.30am, be here by 9.30am, BIO BB's ONLY

SUNDAY MAY 12th 2019

SUNDAY JUNE 30th 2019

SUNDAY JULY TBC (Including optional Sat evening game, BBQ, camp fire and overnight camping)




Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult and wear full face protection

Walkon (with all your own kit) - £20 per player

Rental including airsoft gun, face mask, camo overalls and 1000 BB's - £35 (must pre book, limited numbers available)

1Kg Bio BB's - from £10.50

Smoke grenades, flash bangs, frag grenades £3 - £5 (over 18s only)



Hot food is available on site from 9.30am - 2pm subject to availability

Supplied by New Parks Hog Roast - We use only Quality Free range Cornish meat and Davidstow cheese
Hot Dog £2.50
Bacon Bap £2.50
Burger £3.00
Pulled Pork Roll £3.50
Big Dunk Burger inc Burger, Sausage, Bacon, cheese & onion £5.00

Bacon £1.00
Egg £1.00
Sausage £1.00
Chips small £2.00 - large £2.50
Tea, coffee, hot choc, cold drinks from £1